Consultation and Fees

Your initial appointment will be to assess the symptoms you have been experiencing, your other medical problems and any medications you are currently taking.  Following this, it normally is necessary to perform an examination for which no special preparation is required. For certain conditions, such as haemorrhoids, you may be able to have treatment at the same time.  If further tests or investigations are required we will be able to make the necessary arrangements. We aim to provide a personalised approach and Mr Maslekar will discuss and plan the next steps with you.

Your consultation is completely confidential. Mr Maslekar will write to your GP and send you copies of this correspondence as a record of the consultation.

Payment Methods


If you wish to pay for your own treatment, our office will be happy to discuss and provide information about the cost of your treatment. Should you need any further procedure or operation, the private hospitals we work with will usually be able to give you a fixed price quotation for the full cost.  Our office can obtain this quote for you.

Privately Insured

Our fees are generally aligned with those recommended by private health insurers. If you have private health insurance, we will need your insurance membership details, including your policy number. Our office will then deal directly with your insurance company. You may need to confirm that your policy covers you for the required treatment and request an authorisation number from your insurer.

Information on Fees

Initial Consultation with Consultant – £260

Follow-up Consultation with Consultant – £140

Procedures carried out in Outpatient Clinic

  • Rigid sigmoidoscopy/proctoscopy – £108
  • Banding/Injection of Haemorrhoids – £108


In addition to these fees the private hospital will charge for the use of equipment used at your consultation. For fees for a particular procedure, please contact us on 0113 2185931 or these fees are given for illustration purposes, as the nature of the treatment required can change.

Having an operation

If an operation is advise, Mr Maslekar will discuss specific details about the benefits, risks and alternatives.  A range of patient information sheets covering these points are available to view on this website.

Surgery can be arranged for a mutually convenient date for you take place at the Spire Leeds Hospital, the Nuffield hospital Leeds or the St James’s University Hospital, Leeds. If you require a general anaesthetic we will arrange this. We work closely with several Consultant Anaesthetists who are registered and approved by the major private health insurers.

It is usual for the hospital to arrange a ‘pre-assessment’ visit or phone call before a procedure. Here you would be asked a number of questions by a member of the nursing team who need to find out about your medications and allergies as well as significant illnesses and home circumstances. You may need some blood tests and ECG before a surgical procedure. The nurse will also give you some advice about your stay in hospital and answer any questions you may have.

Almost all minor procedures can be performed as day cases. For major cases, our enhanced recovery program has resulted in a reduced hospital stay.

For your comfort and convenience our consultations, investigations and procedures are delivered at both of Leeds’s private hospitals. The Nuffield Health and Spire Leeds Hospitals provide a friendly, attractive and reassuring environment with all the amenities one would expect from a modern private hospital including free on-site parking, attractive waiting areas with newspapers, hot drinks and complimentary wifi internet access.  Occasionally, some investigations and procedures may need to be undertaken at St James’s University Hospital in Leeds.

Following surgery, we provide a comfortable environment to promote a safe and speedy recovery for our patients. You will be cared for by a team of dedicated staff in your own private en-suite room with the highest standards of comfort and cleanliness. To compliment your care, a range of services including a freshly prepared varied menu, in-room media and flexible visiting times for your family and friends contribute to a sense of wellbeing during your recovery.

If you have any questions during your stay, do not hesitate to ask, there is always someone on hand to provide advice.